About Me

I am a data scientist with 6 years in HR Data Analytics. I have expertise in using Python, SQL, Tableau, and Matplotlib for analyzing and visualizing data. My passion lies in utilizing data to gain valuable insights and tackle difficult problems.

In November of 2023 I transitioned from Data Analytics to obtaining Data Science skills (ML, AI). With my knowledge of Machine Learning techniques and Artificial Intelligence technologies, I am able to optimize business operations and make accurate predictions with a high level of confidence.

I am

Data Analysis

Machine Learning Implementation

Problem Solving

Optimizing Business Operations

2022 - 2023

I worked

Freelance Data Science Consultant

2017 - 2020

Sr. HR Data Analyst - US ARMY

2015 - 2017

HR Data Analyst - US ARMY

Collaboration, Communication, Project Management, Optimization, Applied Research, Common sense

I am strong in

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